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What is a high-quality rattan table and chair

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1, solid and stable. This is the basic quality of outdoor rattan tables and chairs. Outdoor tables and chairs are more mobile and have more bumps. If such outdoor tables and chairs are shoddy or even bean curd, they are vulnerable to use, and the leisure experience it brings to customers will become negative.


2, the surface protection is good. This reflects the practicality of outdoor tables and chairs. It is not only a good touch. It is also very important for the protection of outdoor tables and chairs. Such as aluminum tables and chairs or iron tables and chairs, the surface is often used rattan craft, so not only feel good, beautiful style, on the surface of the table and chair material also play a good protection. As we all know, iron exposed to the air easily rust, then use PVC cane to prepare a protective layer on the surface of the iron chair, the paint layer on the iron surface will not be easily damaged.


3, high security. The standard EN581-1:2006 mainly emphasizes the safety of outdoor tables and chairs. It requires the construction of the edges, corners, and edges of outdoor tables and chairs to avoid user injury. Of course, the premise of safety is that the construction of outdoor tables and chairs should be solid and stable.


4, reasonable shape, design humane. Outdoor tables and chairs are part of the modern leisure system, so they should be presented to the user for greater aesthetics and comfort. For example, the pool lounger should have an adjustable height backrest, and the balcony table and chairs should preferably have wide handrails and a comfortable backrest. 


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